1. vinterbarn 2. milo 3. holm 4. den sista fabriken 5. vanmyren 6. ava 7. flax 8. under vattenverket 9. ner 10. tretusen violer 11. viskra 12. locked in the basement 13. omberg

Pitchfork – sophisticated and ingenious…it’s gorgeous and clever throughout. The songs come together like puzzles, the pieces scattered on the floor and gradually snapped together in way that feels both meticulous and organic. It’s forceful, sensuous music with a refreshing clarity of intention.

Delusions of Adequacy – a dreamily distinctive album… innate enigmatic elegance.

NPR – a mesmerizing new concept album…dreamy, ethereal…also just gorgeous and hypnotic.

Under the Radar – … the ambient super group Jose Gonzales forgot to join, there’s little not to like in this gentle unassuming gem.