Latitude / Longitude

Latitude/Longitude was founded in 2004 by Michael Garofalo and Patrick McCarthy. In 2007, they became a trio with the addition of percussionist Jason Labbe.

Their work combines two seemingly disparate musical practices — freely-improvised performance and computer-based composition using editing, looping, and studio effects. Pieces begin as live improvisations that are subsequently contorted, cut down, meticulously reconstructed, and juxtaposed against each other — all in the interest of exploring rhythmic, melodic, and textural possibility.

The result is a music that evokes imagined landscapes, barely audible shortwave transmissions, and half-remembered dreams. David Cotner, writing in the publication Signal to Noise, identified in Latitude/Longitude’s music “an unmistakable air of remoteness…a paean to the spectral, sepulchral static of late-night radio, through which any idea or spirit might issue forth into the real world.”

Latitude/Longitude work with diverse sonic materials: test oscillators, homemade cassette tape and field recordings, radio transmissions (FM/AM/SW/CB), toy electronics (broken and functional), and percussive junk, as well as more traditional instruments, such as pedal steel guitar, banjo, mbira, drums, cymbals, and voice.

Photo Courtesy of David LaSpina

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