Meredith Bragg

Meredith Bragg

In his latest release, Nest, Meredith Bragg pulls from a stream of inspirations including John James Audubon (“Birds of North America”) and Renaissance architecture (“The Last Hours of Brunelleschi”), but his biggest influence was the recent birth of his daughter.  The themes of parenthood (although initially unintended) are ever present throughout the album, his third full length and sees the return of musicians Elizabeth Olson, Brian Minter and others.

Teaming up with long time collaborator and producer Chad Clark (Dismemberment Plan, Georgie James, Beauty Pill), Nest is his most engaging and expansive record to date.

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Next Time video

Meredith Bragg – Next Time


TKR 023 – Nest

Picture 1

Meredith Bragg – Birds of N. America

TKR 7'' Series No. 3

TKR 022 – M. Bragg / D. Hue Split 7”


Meredith Bragg – Twin Arrows

Silver Sonya

TKR 006 – Silver Sonya

Meredith Bragg

Departures EP

TKR 003 – The Departures EP

Meredith Bragg

Meredith Bragg Vol. 1

TKR 002 – Vol. 1

Meredith Bragg