Pree, led by May Tabol (formerly of Le Loup) emerged onto the DC music scene with a string of compelling and intimate shows during the summer of 2008. Pree’s musical prowess evokes seductive and shadowy moods that call to mind Regina Spektor’s imaginative narratives as well as Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock’s rhythmic vocal stylings– mixing haunting folk elements, unmistakable vocals, and a remarkable command of words to elicit a fare as delicate as it is powerful.

Pree’s debut album explores the dangers of building concrete walls around intangible thoughts and impulses– walls ultimately unable to house the complex individuals they seek to shape, limit and define. Speaking through characters with fractured personalities and questionable motives, A Chopping Block examines the chaotic and often destructive relationships that take root when individual fails to adopt cohesive and socially acceptable identities– raising the question of whether social boundaries will ever be able to quantify and contain any force as powerful and unstable, and as beautiful and reckless as the human psyche. Their EP was released in early 2009.

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Pree perform In the Parlor

Pree – In the Parlor

A Chopping Block

TKR 010 – A Chopping Block