The Piano Creeps

The Piano Creeps

The collaboration of Billy Coté, Mary Lorson and Kathy Ziegler, The Piano Creeps released their debut recording, “Future Blues (for me and you)” on TKR in late 2008.

Coté and Lorson were the songwriter and lead singer of 90’s alt-pop band Madder Rose.   That band made four albums, three of which were really good, and toured the world, headlining the Melody Maker stage at England’s Reading Festival and enjoying critical approval if not staggering sales.   After Madder Rose, Coté created the nihilist slack-hop project Jazz Cannon with vocalist Don Greene while Lorson explored her inner auteur on three Saint Low discs with UK label Cooking Vinyl.   The pair have also joined forces to create several original film scores (including HBO’s “What Remains” about the photographer Sally Mann) and one very amusing young male human.   Their songs have been placed in numerous films and television shows, including the last season of “The Sopranos,” “Alias,” “Felicity,” “Skins” (UK) and others too forgettable to mention.

While all this was going on, Kathy Ziegler was touring as a multi-instrumentalist with Abra Moore, Jim Lauderdale, and Donna the Buffalo, winning international songwriting competitions and finding time to write and produce three excellent solo cds. Ziegler produced the track “Spider” on Lorson’s third Saint Low CD, “Realistic.” She also knows how to build and fix guitars. Ziegler and husband songwriter Jairo van Lunteren recently relocated with their two young children to the Netherlands, and continue to tour with their solo projects.

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Future Blues

TKR 014 – Future Blues (for me and you)

The Piano Creeps


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