TKR 019 – Only Stories

Aidan Baker

only stories by aidan baker
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    1. Everything Becomes Something Else 2. Wartorn 3. Don’t Make a Scene  *4. Only a Story
    * bonus material featured on digital download

Only Stories is Aidan’s second release on The Kora Records. The album continues in the “drone folk” style first heard on his (nearly out of print) Kora release, Scalpel. All of the sounds on the record were created by voice and 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars. Aidan penned the three long compositions featured on Only Stories a long time ago, but they were never properly recorded until the fall of 2009, and Kora is ecstatic to release them now in a beautiful fold out letterpress vinyl release limited to 500 copies.

TKR 008 – Scalpel

Aidan Baker

Aidan Baker - Scalpel

1. K 2. Scalpel 3. Our needs bear no relation to our desire 4. Indifference 5. Drawn like a moth, slip like a snail (total playing time 48.7 mins)

Built on a Weak Spot – there is still a certain feeling of warmth within it all that for me is what makes Scalpel worth many repeated listens… is definitely up there as one of Aidan Baker’s best releases.