Meredith Bragg

TKR 022 – M. Bragg / D. Hue Split 7”

TKR 7'' Series No. 3

A. Birds of North America B. Wherehow Are You (At the Caravan Show)?

TKR 016 – Letter from New Virginia

Donny Hue and the Colors

Letter from New Virginia

1. into the woods 2. you’re on your own (we could help) 3. i speak of the hayseed cousins 4. snakes entwined 5. lady tomcat and the turning trees 6. home of the apple #1 7. callidope 8. woods 9. that whistling in my ears 10. a good night’s dream 11. fairlady of the springboard 12. out of the woods

Song, by Toad – A cracking album… put together really well – sequenced in such a way that it flows, and with the right combination of interludes and instrumentals, sad songs and happy ones to make it work extremely well as a single, whole piece of work… The band have a knack for the a gentle, roll-along version of Subterranean Homesick Blues-era Dylan.

Donny Hue and the Colors – Good Time Happening

TKR 009 – Folkmote

Donny Hue and the Colors


1. in the excellence of the autoharp 2. humming with the flowerbirds 3. paint a picture 4. real long time 5. piano dreams 6. mountain piece 7. for the last time beatrix, it’s toast! 8. peter and his puzzle 9. (untitled) 10. in the excellence of the autoharp (reprise) 11. folkmote

PopMatters – …it winds through caffeinated piano-banging pop (“Real Long Time”), tambourine jangling, Elephant 6-ish head-trips (“Humming with the Flowerbirds”), Panda Bear-like wordless reveries (“For the Last Time Beatrice, It’s Toast”), and even a straight up, four-thudding rock song (“Peter and his Puzzle”). So many kinds of music, so little time… Donny Hue paints with the brightest sorts of colors.

NPR – every song is saturated beyond belief…”Real Long Time” sounds like a demented cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Run Run Run” with ragtime piano and innumerable repetitions of “It takes a real long time!” To grasp all the instruments blasting through the speakers, it takes a few listens – some deep focus if you will.

Stereogum – cruising to the top of our playcount.

DKR 002 – Tell Tall Tales

Donny Hue and the Colors

Tell Tall Tales

1. Little Crooked House and The New Doll 2. Good Time Happening 3. Alone in the Rain in the Sun 4. The Continously Lost Tales of Berepidy Tom, Part One 5. Blue on You 6. At the Lover’s Ball 7. The World Came Running 8. Is it so Marigold? (The Calling of the Sands) 9. Chimerical Cat 10. Lucy Flannigan’s Secret Bread Machine

Snob’s Music – Hue spins entertaining, sometimes absurd, yarns throughout the album. His narratives tend to include images of landscapes and nature. The images are stark. The visuals evoked on songs like “Alone In the Rain With The Sun” are so harsh and cold that the listener can almost see Hue’s breath as he sings the words… an album that sound like it could be played live in front of family and loved ones at a holiday celebration. And it’s that personal touch that makes it so charming.

DKR 001 – Mr. Red Blues EP

Donny Hue and the Colors

Mr. Red Blues

    Digital Only Release

1. Holidaydream #9 2. (We’d like to say) Happy Birthday Just For You 3. Mr. Red Blues 4. Old Father Marbles 5. Sleep Well, Love 6. The 4th and Final Movement 7. About Black Peter 8. Holidaydream #21

Volume Knob – … eight totally original Christmas tracks which revel in the wintery jangle of the season.