DKR 004 – Ornament EP

1. Fever and Foam 2. Inventress of Ill (and Everything) (Eluvium Remix) 3. Rites of Spring (Tobias Lilja Remix) 4. Shape and Colour of Things Gone Blind (MAB III Remix)

Ornament is a collection of remixes from Fredrik’s 2011 album FLORA along with the new instrumental track ‘Fever and Foam‘ that was originally intended to close side A of the FLORA vinyl a spot ultimately filled by the jumpier “North Greatern”. The EP features remixes by Portland-based ambient producer EluviumGregor Samsa (MAB III), and Swedish electronica composer Tobias Lilja. With its nods to the great horror movie soundtracks of the 70’s, the EP makes a dramatic and colorful addition to the Fredrik catalogue.

Fredrik – Chrome Cavities

Flora: A Video Listening Party!

TKR and YouTube Music put together a video listening party of the new Fredrik album in its entirety. The footage was shot by the band in their hometown of Malmö and features the debut of Ylva the wolf. The digital version of Flora is out now, including a digital iTunes booklet, with the physical version out on April 12th, you can order your copy now.

TKR 021 – Flora


1. Ylva 2. Vattenfront 3. Chrome Cavaties 4. Rites of Spring 5. The North Greatern 6. Caleido Kalahari
7. Inventress of Ill (and Everything) 8. Naruto and the End of the Broken Ear 9. The Shape and Colour of Things Gone Blind 10. I’m Pretty Sure He Said Killdren 11. Axis

Recorded in their ramshackle garden studio last summer, Flora marks a departure from the wintry moods of the band’s first two outings as according to Fredrik, flower season is anything but limonades and hammocks. The music paints a vision of summer as the darkness beneath, a busy, feverish, sprawling organic chaos. The three members build songs from dense, wavering textures of voice, strings, brass and twinkly home-made folk instruments, all couched on top of a smattering of haywire orchestral drums and swirly electronics. In keeping with all their previous work, there’s the attention to detail, the unfailing knack for melody-making and the misadventures in hyper-soprano singing,  not to mention Fredrik Hultin’s restful, abstract storytelling.

TKR 020 – Origami


1. Dance of the Peacock Phantom 2. White on White 3. ABC

Fredrik spent the summer folding Japanese paper figures in between recording sessions bearing the name of their new EP and complex craft, Origami. Those familiar with Fredrik will recognize the dream like groove of opener Dance of the Peacock Phantom, the wintry chimes, and soothing choirs heard on White on White, and the submersed cadence reverberating throughout the seven minute B side, ABC. The three songs provide insight into the band’s ever-evolving soundscapes as they ready their third full length album in their garden studio in Malmö, scheduled for release in March 2011. Three is also the magic number behind the group as Origami is the first release featuring instrumentalist and singer Anna Moberg as she joins original members Fredrik Hultin and O. Lindefelt.

Fredrik – NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Fredrik – Milo

Fredrik – Vinterbarn

TKR 017 – Trilogi



1. vinterbarn 2. milo 3. holm 4. den sista fabriken 5. vanmyren 6. ava 7. flax 8. under vattenverket 9. ner 10. tretusen violer 11. viskra 12. locked in the basement 13. omberg

Pitchfork – sophisticated and ingenious…it’s gorgeous and clever throughout. The songs come together like puzzles, the pieces scattered on the floor and gradually snapped together in way that feels both meticulous and organic. It’s forceful, sensuous music with a refreshing clarity of intention.

Delusions of Adequacy – a dreamily distinctive album… innate enigmatic elegance.

NPR – a mesmerizing new concept album…dreamy, ethereal…also just gorgeous and hypnotic.

Under the Radar – … the ambient super group Jose Gonzales forgot to join, there’s little not to like in this gentle unassuming gem.

Fredrik – Viskra