Meredith Bragg – Next Time

TKR 023 – Nest

1. Second Golden Age 2. Barking Dogs 3. Arrowstork 4. Civilians 5. Birds of North America
6. Point, Line and Plane 7. Lightning Tree 8. Next Time 9. The Last Hours of Brunneleschi
10. One True Love 11. Waltz No. 3

Meredith Bragg – Birds of N. America

TKR 022 – M. Bragg / D. Hue Split 7”

TKR 7'' Series No. 3

A. Birds of North America B. Wherehow Are You (At the Caravan Show)?

Meredith Bragg – Twin Arrows

TKR 006 – Silver Sonya

Meredith Bragg

Silver Sonya

1. My Absent Will 2. Twin Arrows 3. Turns Out You Won 4. Plinian 5. Ballad of an Opportunist 6. March 7. Rejoice 8. Limbless Sculpture 9. At Least We’re in This Together 10. New York 11. Alhacen

Stereogum – In the past, Washintgon D.C. troubadour Meredith Bragg’s voice has drawn comparisons to Ben Gibbard, or Elliott Smith. And this new solo record makes good on ’em (see “New York” for your Gibbard fix, the fragility of “Ballad Of An Opportunist” for Elliott), but it’s an unchecked name that gets channeled and filtered on album opening track “My Absent Will.” And though it’s a disservice to Bragg’s ultimately singular, fragile guitar-and-voiced record to simply play name the influence, Sufjan’s all over this thing, from the bah-da-dums to the gently strummed tune’s breathy tenor.

All Music – 4 stars – Every track glistens with mystery thanks to the low-key production and Bragg’s incomparable singing making this unusual album a pure delight.

NPR – With the album’s stunning array of tones, it’s hard to believe that guitar and vocals were the only things recorded. His songs are filled with minor key hooks. Warped and restructured acoustic guitar seems to mimic synths, horns, and even percussive sounds. Meredith’s intimate vocals on “Ballad of an Opportunist” sing over light guitar picking reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel-style folk. On the track “March”, droning ambient noise produces a dark, cavernous feel.

TKR 003 – The Departures EP

Meredith Bragg

Departures EP

1. Empty beds 2. Talk me down 3. Let’s start over 4. Postcard from Boston 5. Two blue lights

Entertainment Weekly – It’s pure orchestral indie rock with heart

Pitchfork – 7.6, Bragg’s songwriting has grown more acute since his debut, but more impressive is the development of his sound.

All Music Guide – 4 out of 5 stars

Paste – Singing about loneliness and loss without coming off as mopey takes a delicate balance of reflection and resilience, and D.C’.s Meredith Bragg has it. In a voice that falls somewhere between Elliott Smith and Ben Gibbard, Bragg whispers grown-up breakup lyrics (“what will I do for Christmas?”) over strikingly vulnerable arrangements.

TKR 002 – Vol. 1

Meredith Bragg

Meredith Bragg Vol. 1

1. Bitter at Best 2. My Only Enemy 3. Before the Storm 4. Work and Winter 5. Early Sign 6. I Won’t Let You Down 7. Cindy’s Song 8. Seventeen 9. Carolina 10. Waltz No.1 11. Shattering

Pitchfork – “The work of a bright student… Bragg and the Terminals ma not have pioneered their sound, but they sound perfectly at home all the same”

Paste Magazine – “Bragg’s folk chamber group issues a remarkable statement without raising the volume”

Lost at Sea – “it is perfect in and of itself: a work that delights in, and cautiously anticipates, all things looming on the horizon”

Washington Post – “Bragg and his band, the Terminals, played a show that justified the buzz, crafting a brief but sturdy set of low-key songs that emphasized their leader’s fingerpicked acoustic guitar and sharply drawn lyrics”