TKR 026 – Rework

philip glass

Disc 1
1. Music in Twelve Parts, Part 1 – My Great Ghost

2. Rubric (Remix) – Tyondai Braxton

3. Knee 1 (Remix) – Nosaj Thing

4. Alight Spiral Ship (Philip Glass Remix) – Dan Deacon

5. Warda’s Whorehouse Inside Out Version – Amon Tobin

6. Etoile Polaire: Little Dipper – Silver Alert

7. Floe ’87 (Remix) – Memory Tapes

8. Opening From Glassworks – Cornelius

Disc 2

1. NYC: 73-78 – Beck

2. Protest (Remix) – Johann Johannsson

3. Mad Rush Organ (Remix) – Pantha du Prince

4. Island (Remix) – Peter Broderick

produced by Beck
mastered for vinyl by Bob Weston (Shellac)

TKR 021 – Flora


1. Ylva 2. Vattenfront 3. Chrome Cavaties 4. Rites of Spring 5. The North Greatern 6. Caleido Kalahari
7. Inventress of Ill (and Everything) 8. Naruto and the End of the Broken Ear 9. The Shape and Colour of Things Gone Blind 10. I’m Pretty Sure He Said Killdren 11. Axis

Recorded in their ramshackle garden studio last summer, Flora marks a departure from the wintry moods of the band’s first two outings as according to Fredrik, flower season is anything but limonades and hammocks. The music paints a vision of summer as the darkness beneath, a busy, feverish, sprawling organic chaos. The three members build songs from dense, wavering textures of voice, strings, brass and twinkly home-made folk instruments, all couched on top of a smattering of haywire orchestral drums and swirly electronics. In keeping with all their previous work, there’s the attention to detail, the unfailing knack for melody-making and the misadventures in hyper-soprano singing,  not to mention Fredrik Hultin’s restful, abstract storytelling.

TKR 018 – Songs About People I Know

Stricken City

Songs About People I Know

1. Gifted 2. Pull The House Down 3. Tak o Tak 4. Small Things 5. Killing Time 6. P.S. 7. Sometimes I Love You 8. Five Metres Apart 9. The Traveller 10. Terrible Things

BBC – What makes Stricken City stand out from the bunch of new UK indie bands currently attempting something along similar lines, though, is a palpable sense of belief and passion about their music married with a willingness to experiment beyond the sometimes narrow confines of the genre.

Pitchfork – 7.5, a fine record; despite its length, it’s fleshed out and full of flourish. If anything, it’s all over way too soon.

NY Times – Most of the songs on Stricken City’s debut album, “Songs About People I Know” (The Kora), chime like late-1980s new wave. Rebekah Raa overdubs her wholesome voice into pop harmony choruses while her keyboards, and Iain Pettifer’s guitar connect for galloping, celebratory riffs. But the splintered words she sings are more contentious, full of tensions between parent and child, between friends, between lovers: “Broken people breaking ties give cause to doubt what’s seen as right,” she sings over a jaunty march beat in “Tak o Tak” (whatever that means). Now and then the misgivings surface in the music too — particularly in “Terrible Things,” a cryptic warning set to piano and very few other instruments — to show there’s depth behind that chipper exterior.

SPIN – 8 out of 10, Stricken City’s debut swings moodily from tough, angular clang to tender, introspective melodies — the organ and stuttering woodblock beat of “Pull the House Down” are more likely to inspire fierce ’80s club posing than an actual trip to the club. Singing breathlessly of boys and boredom, Raa plays the charismatically pouty bedroom diva, asking, “Whatever happened to old-fashioned romance and dancin’ and singin’?”

h Magazine – One of those magical albums that’s a seeming masterpiece from start to finish with nary a mediocre ditty in its grooves.

The Fader – We’re so enamored of the shambolic harmonies on Stricken City’s debut, Songs About People I Know… we are going to invite them to every slumber party we throw henceforth.

Giant Robot – Rebekah Raa has a happy voice, and her sugary keyboards are fun element but sophisticated at the same time. From beginning to end, all 10 songs are solid.

TKR 017 – Trilogi



1. vinterbarn 2. milo 3. holm 4. den sista fabriken 5. vanmyren 6. ava 7. flax 8. under vattenverket 9. ner 10. tretusen violer 11. viskra 12. locked in the basement 13. omberg

Pitchfork – sophisticated and ingenious…it’s gorgeous and clever throughout. The songs come together like puzzles, the pieces scattered on the floor and gradually snapped together in way that feels both meticulous and organic. It’s forceful, sensuous music with a refreshing clarity of intention.

Delusions of Adequacy – a dreamily distinctive album… innate enigmatic elegance.

NPR – a mesmerizing new concept album…dreamy, ethereal…also just gorgeous and hypnotic.

Under the Radar – … the ambient super group Jose Gonzales forgot to join, there’s little not to like in this gentle unassuming gem.

TKR 016 – Letter from New Virginia

Donny Hue and the Colors

Letter from New Virginia

1. into the woods 2. you’re on your own (we could help) 3. i speak of the hayseed cousins 4. snakes entwined 5. lady tomcat and the turning trees 6. home of the apple #1 7. callidope 8. woods 9. that whistling in my ears 10. a good night’s dream 11. fairlady of the springboard 12. out of the woods

Song, by Toad – A cracking album… put together really well – sequenced in such a way that it flows, and with the right combination of interludes and instrumentals, sad songs and happy ones to make it work extremely well as a single, whole piece of work… The band have a knack for the a gentle, roll-along version of Subterranean Homesick Blues-era Dylan.

TKR 015 – Over Air

Gregor Samsa

Over Air


1. Ain Leuh 2. Jeroen Van Aken 3. Three 4. Adolescent 5. Abutting and Dismantling 6. Young and Old 7. Du Meine Leise (alternate mix) 8. XXX (GS + Tiempo) 9. We’ll Lean This Way Forever (Bobby Donne remix) video content (available on CD purchase) 1.   Paris 2008 (30 minutes of performance video) 2.   Jeroen Van Aken

Venus Zine – 4 stars, [Gregor] Samsa edges itself closer to life with a presumed degrading of atmosphere, even the stellar cover art exemplifies the simple but imperfectly informal beauty of the record.

TKR 014 – Future Blues (for me and you)

The Piano Creeps

Future Blues

1. Mary Marie 2. There Goes My Girl 3. Muddy Yard 4. Time On You 5. He Likes The Light 6. In Somerville 7. Hey Love 8. My Enemy 9. Sunshower 10. Hovercraft 11. Was it 12. Stoned

Delusions of Adequacy – … a richly rewarding convergence of the trio’s collective career tributaries. Drawing from the dreamiest ends of the Madder Rose canon, Saint Low’s stately balladry, The Jazz Cannon’s artful mischief and the electro-organics of Coté ‘n’ Lorson’s largely-instrumental LP from 2003 (confusingly-titled Piano Creeps), this is a collection of sublimely cohesive old and new juxtapositions… one of this year’s most alluring low-key pleasures.

TKR 013 – Na Na Ni


Na Na Ni


1. Black Fur 2. Alina’s Place 3. Hei Hei 4. 1986 5. Evil and I 6. Ninkon Loops 7. Angora Sleepwalking 8. Na Na Ni 9. 11 Years 10. Morr

NPR – …the ambiance of Fredrik’s debut makes it the perfect compliment to the changing leaves and darkening skies of the season.

NPR – Top 10 Songs of 2008 – 4. “Black Fur” by Fredrik, from Na Na Ni: This is essentially a hymn, and a truly gorgeous and infectious one. The band is from Sweden. I featured it on Second Stage earlier this year and found myself returning to this specific song over and over.

NPR – Top 10 Great Unknowns #2 – Fredrik – a mesmerizing and gorgeous debut… music with just the right mix of light and darkness: It’s quirky but elegant, spare but rich.

Stereogum – Band to Watch – The band says “Black Fur” is about “small wooden labyrinths, luck and the nature of animosity,” and “Alina’s Place” is about “failing to spell ‘tintinnabular’ and the tremendous hassles of growing up and finding a new home.” We say they’re about the prettiest things we’ve heard all week.

All Music – 4 Stars, discover not just a handful of hummable songs, but a curious and comforting sound world that’s at once familiar and unique unto itself.

MAGNET – Band to Watch – (featured in 15th Anniversary Issue) tenderly played acoustic guitars, glockenspiel and cello frame the melodic, wallflower vocals. Things get interesting, however, during japanese-tinged, koto-music interlude “Hei Hei” and the nearly all-instrumental second half of the album. Soon enough, Na Na Ni descends into a rabbit hole with the kind of mysticalll, pastoral tunes last heard on records by Gorky’s Zgotic Mynci and Fairport Convention. It’s a pleasantly weird turn of events for such an otherwise well-adjusted indie-pop album.

TKR 012 – A Memory of Open Spaces

The Fairline Parkway

The Fairline Parkway

1. Westward Bound 2. Charting Coastlines 3. Homesteaders 4. Storms and Gales 5. A Given Day 6. Robbed Blind 7. The Great Plain 8. Nowhere to Be 9. Eaves 10. Movie Stars 11. Jackson

Carry You Away – #10 Album of 2008… carries a quiet grace from its opening song, Westward Bound, that is sustained throughout the album with a soft and balanced sound. I like it because it’s soft, reflective and interesting throughout with a great sound and good lyrics.

TKR 011 – Rest

Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa - Rest

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1.The Adolescent 2. Ain Leuh 3. Abutting, Dismantling 4. Company 5. Jeroen Van Aken 6. Rendered Yards 7. Pseudonyms 8. First Mile, Last Mile 9. Du Meine Leise

Spin – Buzzcatcher – emotional post-rock punches in hushed vocals and swelling instrumentation.

All Music Guide – The resultant sense of suspension in space — results in a rich listen that gets more powerful as it goes, and by the time of the combination of piano, strings and theremin which closes “Pseudonyms” helps to make the group’s work be its own thing rather than something easily aligned to one style or another. A rare thing still, it seems.

CMJ – it could score the wanderings of those lost unto themselves in the post-midnight hours… the boundless space-rock creeps through dreamy soundscapes, casting a somber shadow of twinkling bells. The music is intricate an ornate, the lyrics emotive, the vocals ghostly.