Kora mainstay, Lindefelt, co-founder of Fredrik and The LK, embarks on his first solo North American dates beginning later this week as part of a pre-release tour for an upcoming EP,  “Chromatic Wildlife”. Lindefelt’s first solo release will be out this fall on 10″ vinyl, it’s simply beautiful, hazy-dream stuff.

The Malmö musician and sound artist hits the North East and Canada with a one of kind show, work based around the cello and analog live visuals. Lindefelt builds layers of distorted, textural melodies into hazy, synesthetic explorations. The tour also features collaborations with revered filmmaker Martha Colburn and Pennsylvania-based film alchemist Caleb Smith with abstract, mutating 8mm and 16mm film loops, creating an amphibious, stream-of-consciousness experience.

Catch it if you can.