Springing Up the Hits

Aidan Baker, Fredrik, Meredith Bragg, Pree

The Cora Holly Press
Wake up sleepyhead, it’s nearly time for the sound of music. Our Brooklyn office has been busy letter-pressing, folding, gluing and listening to masters and the results are about to be exposed in your favorite record store. First up is Aidan Baker‘s highly anticipated TKR follow-up, Only Stories, on vinyl in a custom foldout letterpress jacket. It will be in your favorite shop in March, and available for pre-sale here in just about a week.

Also graduating with honors this Spring are Fredrik with their 3rd long player, Flora, out on Vinyl/CD/Digital on April 12. They’ll be debuting songs at SXSW in March. Meredith Bragg‘s album, Nest, his first since 2007, comes to you this May, followed by Folly, Pree‘s long awaited full length debut. Plus our 7” series will be kicking off in full gear. Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years.