1. Some Say 2. Animal Festival 3. Bella Writer 4. Corridors 5. Pull the House Down (Skellington Remix)
6. Office 7. Lost Art (ii) 8. Don’t Spit at Her Face 9. I Know a Place 10. Losing Colour

Drowned in Sound – 8, It’s a shame that Stricken City aren’t more widely recognised upon their departure as these songs certainly have the makings of cult gems.

Line of Best Fit – Steeped in 80s guitars a la Joshua Tree, ‘Animal Festival’ slinks along with a jangly main guitar line, loose percussion and Raa’s slight allure in perfect harmony. It’s a mix extended from ‘Some Say,’ the album’s opener that rides the same guitar vibe. ‘Corridors’ achieves the same cohesive beauty with an entirely different palette – elongated synth, darker guitar tones and white space taking over. The surprising saxophone on ‘I Know A Place’ takes a while to settle, but by the end of Raa’s swirling psych party, it feels right at home. It’s a lighthearted note before the album’s (and band’s) final bow: the title track, ‘Losing Colour.’ Each instrument, each element grabs and refuses to let go through the track’s slow build toward an inevitable triumphant wall that eventually crumbles to let Kit Godfrey’s drumwork close things out.