Then I Saw the Holy City

1. Little Elf 2. Be Good 3. Concentrate 4. Drugsick 5. Your Highness 6. If You’re Cool 7. Instant Dharma 8. All I Want 9. Sports 10. Big Brother 11. Bring Out Yer Dead 12. Gets In The Way 13. Treaty Breaker 14. Eyes Of Blue

All Music Guide 4.5 stars, “A rock & roll band from Portland, OR” doesn’t sound like the most enticing of come-ons when looking for a healthy swig of shaggy rock moonshine. But the understatement by this “not Seattle” based five-piece is one of the most intoxicating slabs of retro rock to hit the shelves in 2004…Who ever said dope, acid and rock & roll was a bad idea?

a sound that’s both airily engaging and blissfully supercharged… Then I Saw the Holy City’s coma-fried highs are enough to make even the stodgiest slack-jaw sit up and take flight.