The Great Northwest

1. High 2. Chief John 3. Reverie 4. The Key 5. Western American 6. Know What I Mean 7. What I Want 8. Ready or Not 9. Game 10. Be Coming 11. Split 12. Did It Once 13. Surprise I Love You

Venus Zine – 4 Stars – Coates and Co. form a deliberate, molasses-thick brand of psychedelia in which all the songs run together in a rich blend of electric and electronic instruments, acoustic drones and ragas, and fuzzed noise… The album is filled with many hidden sounds and tracks that bleed through one another, and holds great reward for the diligent listener.

Delusions of Adequacy – With resolute patience and stellar production, this Portland, Oregon band weaves rich soundscapes that are equal parts space rock, slowcore, and psychedelic jams. This music doesn’t come right at you. Rather, it floats out and surrounds you… The Widespread Reign of the Great Northwest holds many treasures.

NPR – Moody and sometimes soaring, the album functions as a fantastic mix of downtempo rhythms and Beatles-inspired chord progressions, with reverb-soaked Hammond organ, shimmering guitars and trippy harmonies.

Almost Cool – wraps your head up in a warm blanket and then doesn’t let it out again.