The LK Vs. The Snow

1. Anorak and other complicated Words Beginning With An A 2. Eurovision 3. Tamagotchi Freestyle 4. Down By Law 5. Stop Being Perfect 6. Private Life of a Cat 7. Tandem Bikes 8. Transistor Tropics 9. The Love of Little Things 10. Blakboy Vs. The Snow 11. Yellow Ribbons

Pitchfork – 7.9, a sharp collection of songs that keeps pulling me back for more.

Stereogum – [Stop Being Perfect] a very smoothed and melodic tune, sort of reminds us of Erlend Øye’s Whitest Boy Alive project, just more buoyant, with more forward momentum. The electronic accents, the background whirls and whirrrs, and the shuffling, brushed drums set a sweet scene for the lyrics of “frozen cloud”s and “sticky black tongues.” Nice tune for a wispy wintry night.

SPIN – … a brilliant fusion of electro-pop and a languid, Kings of Convenience-like vibe. “Down by Law” neatly blends these elements, layering echoing keys under sliding synths and warm, thin vocals. Album opener, “Anorak and Other Complicated Words,” utilizes soft, wavering harmonies and a plaintive lead vocal under a rumbling cello and weepy strings. These pop aficionados shift gears for “Tamogotchi Freestyle,” and play with clapping drums and twinkling electronic chirps a la Postal Service. Diverse as their songs may be, the LK unite all tracks with their calm confidence and slick style.

XPN All About The Music Blog – … equal parts Steve Reich meets early Depeche Mode and a-Ha with the emotional tug of the Pet Shop Boys.