TKR 009 – Folkmote

Donny Hue and the Colors


1. in the excellence of the autoharp 2. humming with the flowerbirds 3. paint a picture 4. real long time 5. piano dreams 6. mountain piece 7. for the last time beatrix, it’s toast! 8. peter and his puzzle 9. (untitled) 10. in the excellence of the autoharp (reprise) 11. folkmote

PopMatters – …it winds through caffeinated piano-banging pop (“Real Long Time”), tambourine jangling, Elephant 6-ish head-trips (“Humming with the Flowerbirds”), Panda Bear-like wordless reveries (“For the Last Time Beatrice, It’s Toast”), and even a straight up, four-thudding rock song (“Peter and his Puzzle”). So many kinds of music, so little time… Donny Hue paints with the brightest sorts of colors.

NPR – every song is saturated beyond belief…”Real Long Time” sounds like a demented cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Run Run Run” with ragtime piano and innumerable repetitions of “It takes a real long time!” To grasp all the instruments blasting through the speakers, it takes a few listens – some deep focus if you will.

Stereogum – cruising to the top of our playcount.