TKR 016 – Letter from New Virginia

Donny Hue and the Colors

Letter from New Virginia

1. into the woods 2. you’re on your own (we could help) 3. i speak of the hayseed cousins 4. snakes entwined 5. lady tomcat and the turning trees 6. home of the apple #1 7. callidope 8. woods 9. that whistling in my ears 10. a good night’s dream 11. fairlady of the springboard 12. out of the woods

Song, by Toad – A cracking album… put together really well – sequenced in such a way that it flows, and with the right combination of interludes and instrumentals, sad songs and happy ones to make it work extremely well as a single, whole piece of work… The band have a knack for the a gentle, roll-along version of Subterranean Homesick Blues-era Dylan.