Songs About People I Know

1. Gifted 2. Pull The House Down 3. Tak o Tak 4. Small Things 5. Killing Time 6. P.S. 7. Sometimes I Love You 8. Five Metres Apart 9. The Traveller 10. Terrible Things

BBC – What makes Stricken City stand out from the bunch of new UK indie bands currently attempting something along similar lines, though, is a palpable sense of belief and passion about their music married with a willingness to experiment beyond the sometimes narrow confines of the genre.

Pitchfork – 7.5, a fine record; despite its length, it’s fleshed out and full of flourish. If anything, it’s all over way too soon.

NY Times – Most of the songs on Stricken City’s debut album, “Songs About People I Know” (The Kora), chime like late-1980s new wave. Rebekah Raa overdubs her wholesome voice into pop harmony choruses while her keyboards, and Iain Pettifer’s guitar connect for galloping, celebratory riffs. But the splintered words she sings are more contentious, full of tensions between parent and child, between friends, between lovers: “Broken people breaking ties give cause to doubt what’s seen as right,” she sings over a jaunty march beat in “Tak o Tak” (whatever that means). Now and then the misgivings surface in the music too — particularly in “Terrible Things,” a cryptic warning set to piano and very few other instruments — to show there’s depth behind that chipper exterior.

SPIN – 8 out of 10, Stricken City’s debut swings moodily from tough, angular clang to tender, introspective melodies — the organ and stuttering woodblock beat of “Pull the House Down” are more likely to inspire fierce ’80s club posing than an actual trip to the club. Singing breathlessly of boys and boredom, Raa plays the charismatically pouty bedroom diva, asking, “Whatever happened to old-fashioned romance and dancin’ and singin’?”

h Magazine – One of those magical albums that’s a seeming masterpiece from start to finish with nary a mediocre ditty in its grooves.

The Fader – We’re so enamored of the shambolic harmonies on Stricken City’s debut, Songs About People I Know… we are going to invite them to every slumber party we throw henceforth.

Giant Robot – Rebekah Raa has a happy voice, and her sugary keyboards are fun element but sophisticated at the same time. From beginning to end, all 10 songs are solid.