Future Blues

1. Mary Marie 2. There Goes My Girl 3. Muddy Yard 4. Time On You 5. He Likes The Light 6. In Somerville 7. Hey Love 8. My Enemy 9. Sunshower 10. Hovercraft 11. Was it 12. Stoned

Delusions of Adequacy – … a richly rewarding convergence of the trio’s collective career tributaries. Drawing from the dreamiest ends of the Madder Rose canon, Saint Low’s stately balladry, The Jazz Cannon’s artful mischief and the electro-organics of Coté ‘n’ Lorson’s largely-instrumental LP from 2003 (confusingly-titled Piano Creeps), this is a collection of sublimely cohesive old and new juxtapositions… one of this year’s most alluring low-key pleasures.